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TV Series
Rol: Shari Noble

7th Heaven
Rol: Marie Wagner

Presidio Med
Rol: Grace Bennett

Rol: Lorna Berlin

Touched by an Angel
Rol: Michelle Tanner

The Outer Limits
Rol: Teresa Janovitch

Babylon 5
Rol: Anna Sheridan

Sweet Justice
Rol: Kate Delacroy

Batman: The Animated Series
Rol: Barbara Gordon/ Batgirl

Stand by Your Man
Rol: Rochelle Dunphy

The Hidden Room

Faerie Tale Theatre
Rol: Gerda

Little House on the Prairie
Rol: Laura Ingalls/ Laura Ingalls Wilder

The Love Boat
Rol: Rosemary ‘Rocky’ Simpson

Rol: Suzie’s sister

Rol: Jenny

Rol: Spratt’s Child

The Dean Martin Show
Rol: Girl on Santa’s Lap

The Reluctant Astronaut
Rol: Niece


TV Movies
The Christmas Pageant
Rol: Vera Parks

Safe Harbour
Rol: Ophelia MacKenzie

Sacrifices of the Heart
Rol: Kate Weston/ Anne Weston

Thicker Than Water
Rol: Natalie Jones

Heart of the Storm
Rol: Cassie Broadbeck

Then Came Jones
Rol: Devon Jones- Thomas

Hollywood Wives: The New Generation
Rol: Taylor Singer

A Vision of Murder: The Story of Donielle
Rol: Donielle

Switched at Birth
Rol: Sarah Barlow

>The Soul Collector
Rol: Rebecca

Her Own Rules
Rol: Meredith Sanders

Murder at 75 Birch
Rol: Gwen Todson

Childhood Sweetheart?
Rol: Karen Carlson

Seduction in a Small Town
Rol: Sarah Jenks

Christmas in My Hometown
Rol: Emma Murphy

Rol: Zoya Ossipov

Cries from the Heart
Rol: Karen

Against Her Will: The Carrie Buck Story
Rol: Melissa Prentice

The Babymaker: The Dr. Cecil Jacobson Story
Rol: Mary Bennett

Dying to Remember
Rol: Lynn Matthews

House of Secrets
Rol: Marion Ravinel

Shattered Trust: The Shari Karney Story
Rol: Shari Karney

With Hostile Intent
Rol: Miranda Berkley

Family of Strangers
Rol: Julie

With a Vengeance
Rol: Jenna King/ Valerie Tanner

Rol: Dr. Kristine Lipton

The Lookalike
Rol: Gina. Jennifer

Joshua’s Heart
Rol: Claudia

Forbidden Nights
Rol: Judith Shapiro

Without Her Concent
Rol: Emily Briggs


Ice House
Rol: Kay

Killer Instinct
Rol: Dr. Lisa DaVito

Blood Vows: The Story of a Mafia Wife
Rol: Marian

The Penalty Phase
Rol: Leah Furman

Rol: Terry Granger

Rol: Charlie

Little House: Bless All the Dear Children
Rol: Laura Ingalls Wilder

Family Secrets
Rol: Sara Calloway

Little House: The Last Farewell
Rol: Laura Ingalls Wilder

Little House: Look Back to Yesterday
Rol: Laura Ingalls Wilder

Choices of the Heart
Rol: Jean DonovanHOME | BACK