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Laura Ingalls is such an iconic character. Why do you think the books and your portrayal of the character on ‘Little House’ still resonate with kids today?
Melissa says, “I think “Little House on the Prairie” still has meaning for kids because it teaches children the most important things we all strive for — community, family, love and home. And the other thing is that it shows them an authentic, specific time in American history and how kids lived then — walking to school, not having electricity and the way things were in the 1870s. And on that same token, a lot of the problems kids and people go through today are the same problems that existed in the 1800s. Things like bullying, drug addiction — and most of all, the stories are told in a really fun way.”

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October 23, 2014 By Marijke   0 Comment Melissa, TV

Afgelopen week was Melissa bij Oprah voor een interview voor “Where Are They Now”. Het word aanstaande zondag uitgezonden in Amerika.


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October 18, 2014 By Marijke   0 Comment Boeken, Melissa, Radio

Melissa Gilbert was gisteren te horen op de radio! Alleen in Amerika. Ze hadden het over haar kookboek. Ze signeert vandaag weer haar boek.

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“Little House on the Prairie” fans are going to love this. Half-Pint, aka Melissa Gilbert, has just come out with a book that is part scrapbook, part cookbook. Called “My Prairie Cookbook: Memories and Frontier Food from My Little House to Yours,” it is a gorgeous book crammed with behind-the-scenes memories of the iconic show along with some delicious homey recipes that Gilbert promises are her own.

The 50-year-old actress, who is married to “Thirtysomething” star Timothy Busfield, and now lives in Michigan, spoke to FOX411 about her big move, and her new project.


FOX411: Tell us about the new cookbook.

Melissa Gilbert: After my autobiography came out I heard from a lot of “Little House on the Prairie” fans saying they wished there had been more anecdotal stories, behind the scenes photos. I couldn’t really focus on that because I was writing about 45 years of my life, not that it wasn’t important but I couldn’t devote an entire book to it. I was approached about doing a scrap book so I raided my mom’s photo albums but it was still just a little thin, there wasn’t quite enough content. We were trying to figure out what to do about it and every time I would talk to the publishers I was cooking and they finally said, ‘Are these your recipes?’ and I said, ‘Of course yeah!’ They said, ‘Would you have any prairie like, homey comfort food?’ And so I went through my files and we narrowed it down to 80, converted my ‘add a pinch there, add a dash there’ into real measurements so there was a lot of testing in my home.


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